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Commonality Currency + Upcoming Classes

The Commonality Institute is proud to announce that our first public class will be focused on commonality and anchored by one of Grahn’s most famous poems “A Woman Is Talking To Death.” Consequent classes will explore Grahn’s metaformic philosophy and texts such as CUNY’s 2017 publication of selections from “Blood, Bread & Roses: How Menstruation Created the World,” as well as the germinal book exploring the historical and sacred cultural role of LGBTQI+++ culture “Another Mother Tongue: Gay Words, Gay Worlds.”

love belongs to those who do the feeling

At the $50 donor level, we’ll mail you one of Judy Grahn’s books signed by her in gratitude for your support . . . “Judy’s poetry is rangy and provocative. It has been written at the heart of so many of the important social movements of the last forty years that the proper word is foundational—Judy Grahn’s poetry is foundational to the spirit of movement. People consistently report that Judy’s poetry is also uplifting—an unexpected side effect of work that is aimed at the mind as well as the heart. Judy continues to insist that love goes beyond romance, to community, and that community goes beyond the everyday world, to the connective worlds of earth and spirit.”

Limited Edition Release: “To The Mother of All Bowls” chapbook

In coordination with our crowdfund campaign during the month of June, we are releasing a special limited edition chapbook featuring Judy Grahn’s poem “To The Mother of All Bowls” from the collection Love Belongs To Those Who Do The Feeling.

This special production is only available as a perk to crowdfund donors! Everyone who donates at any specified level ($50, $100, $500, . . . ) will receive a limited edition chapbook as a measure of our gratitude to you!

Launching the Commonality Institute

Well we did it! Our Crowdfund Launch Event and Talk with Judy Grahn on May 30th was a huge success!
Big shout outs to everyone who came! Every seat in the house was filled plus a strong team of volunteers making it all happen!
Most important was to kick off this campaign to fund our institute in a spell of invitation and joy. And that spell was definitely cast! Please join us and contribute this month to help us launch!

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