Becoming a Member of the Commonality Institute


The Commonality Institute is committed to providing you education, experiences and connectivity with other poets, artists, thinkers, activists, and scholars who are also passionate about Judy’s work.

By joining the institute, you become a part of where we go. We’re in our launch phase right now, where we will be providing information on this site about folks making use of and engaging with Judy’s work. We will also keep you current on Judy’s forthcoming books and activities.  Already we have launched the My Good Judy residency in New Orleans with these inspiring artist residents. There is no cost to join and membership is open to anyone interested in our activities

We are proud to have amongst us members from around the world, which reflects our international community. This is why we are developing ways to offer online livestream access and digital archives to all members whenever Judy Grahn gives a lecture or reading, we teach a class, or MGJ residents share their work with the community.

Membership is open to anyone interested in this work – please reach out and join us.

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