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New Release Descent to the Roses of a Family: A Poet's Journey into Anti-Racism and Personal Social Healing Available Now

For those courageous enough to explore how family dynamics create and imprint the structures of white supremacy in each of us, Judy Grahn has used her masterful poem, “Descent to the Roses of a Family,” to expose and closely examine her own family’s roses (and thorns) of toxic racism and white supremacy. Grahn uses rich back-stories and mythology to guide us in the process of understanding and healing the split psyche that white supremacy causes and requires. “Descent to the Roses of a Family” is especially valuable for getting past endless intellectualizing about one of our most serious and tenacious social problems. Grahn demands more of us; she insists that we understand emotionally and poetically, as well as intellectually, the heart of white supremacy in the family and its consequences when taken unexamined into the larger world. She leads us out of the fog of denial. Recommended for teachers of antiracism, using literature, sociology, and mythology; also for group discussions and individuals wanting to heal themselves and future generations by finding a better way.

Meryl Streep narrates about the impact of Judy Grahn's work:

The Poetry Foundation & Judy Grahn (4:14)

Recent Appearance

Mission at Tenth presents a two part interview with Judy. Meaning Making is a podcast about art making and the process of creating. 

Recent Appearance

The Broad Stage and Red Hen Press, readings and a conversation on the F word (feminism) with Judy, performance artist Monique Jenkinson (Fauxnique), and performance poet Amber Flame. 

Upcoming Virtual Appearance: “Living in a Sentient World” at The Association for the Study of Women and Mythology

A message from Judy… “For forty years I’ve been thinking and writing about the intense psychic connections we can experience with creatures, including insects, that live around us, incorporating them in my poetry and my novel, Mundane’s World, as well as in stories. This session will discuss how to recognize and induce these connections of inter-species consciousness (shared sacred space), how to record and believe the experiences, and then how to write them. My goal is to share these accounts with more skeptical humans in order to reduce both cynicism and romanticism, to strengthen bonds between people and creature life, to encourage recognition of shared minds, and to amplify the value we place on beings who share space with us. I’ll illustrate the topic with selections from my forthcoming book Touching Creatures Touching Spirit, from Red Hen Press.”

Audre Lorde & Pat Parker Memorial

Featuring Judy Grahn, Jewelle Gomez, and Avotcja, readings in honor of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker, and in support of The Women’s Building. Funded by a grant to the Academy of American Poets from the Mellon Foundation and presented by The Poetry Center at San Francisco State University as part of a nationwide series of Poetry Coalition programs under the shared rubric “I am deliberate / and afraid / of nothing”Poetry and Protest.

Art work by My Good Judy Residency alum Quin de la Mer, learn more about the artist here.

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