Commonality Institute Fellowships

The Commonality Institute’s Fellows is designed to meet the needs of scholars, seekers, thinkers and doers while growing the institute in strategic directions. Fellows have unique access to institute leaders and collaborators during their tenure which can last from 3 months up to one year. While fellowships are unpaid, we can work with you and any sponsoring institution to document accumulation of credit or hours. We meet through online platforms and all work is done remotely. 

We offer the following strategic fellowships at this time:

Wikipedia Fellow

This is an incredible opportunity if interested in both deeper study with the institute and Wikipedia editing. Many important topics remain underdeveloped, uneven, poorly explained, or simply neglected on Wikipedia in relation to Grahn’s published work and commonality concepts. Further reach includes adding Grahn’s cultural contributions to articles, particularly in relation in Another Mother Tongue and Blood, Bread & Roses (BB&R). For example add Grahn’s idea from chapter 9 of BB&R to the ‘little red riding hood’ entry.

Social Media & Art Fellow

This fellowship is uniquely designed for persons with social media, content production/graphic design skills, and creativity. Pursuing individualized study with the directors, this fellow will be supported to both pursue their own interests as well as gain comprehension of key commonality concepts and tools in order to develop social media content and strategy. This fellow serves a key educational role within the institute.

Translation Fellow

This position is for individuals who seeks to translate Grahn’s work or institute materials and resources (including website content) into another language. This position significantly contributes to our commitment to accessibility and a desire for internationalism. Translators of all languages are welcome to apply and will be provided support from institute leadership.

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