January 25, 2020

“New Origin Stories Can Move Us Forward”

Judy Grahn will give a keynote lecture “New Origin Stories Can Move Us Forward” featuring her theory of Metaformic Origins.

The changes we are facing: our industries, our awareness of how much harm we do in our habits of consumption and desire for convenience and safety, are threatening to dissolve the matrix of life. Clearly we need to change the way we live and to do that we must change how we think of ourselves in relation to the earth, to each other, and to all creatures. These postures are contained, quite unconsciously, in our origin stories, those that underlie our religions, philosophies, sciences, and favorite anecdotes about our dreams, our fears, our dogs and cats. As a lesbian, working class, neurodivergent poet, I’ve been reworking origins since 1965, challenging and replacing as fast as I can.

Jan 25, 2019 12:45pm – 2pm
Conference on Current Pagan Studies
Claremont Graduate University, CA