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The Commonality Institute is proud to announce that our inaugural class will be focused on commonality and anchored by one of Grahn’s most famous poems, “A Woman Is Talking To Death” (course description below).

Consequent classes will include a focus on the germinal book documenting the historical and sacred cultural role of LGBTQ+++ culture, Another Mother Tongue: Gay Words, Gay Worlds. We are also excited to bring you Grahn’s woman-centered metaformic philosophy anchored by poems and texts such as CUNY’s 2017 publication of selections from Blood, Bread & Roses: How Menstruation Created the World.

Registration and more details to be announced. Classes begin Fall 2019.
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A Class in Commonality:

A Woman Is Talking To Death


How do we assess our attempts, failures and successes in reaching across or solidarity with others? When are times you tried to reach across and failed or succeeded? And when did others attempt to reach across to you and why did it fail or succeed?

Using Judy Grahn’s classic original intersectional poem ‘A Woman Is Talking To Death’ (1973) as an anchor, this class focuses on an exploration of Grahn’s concept of commonality. She describes her poem as an ethical inventory she conducted on herself as a young woman. Living in the middle of revolutionary Bay Area social and arts movements, Grahn’s work opens questions of what it means to be in relation with others.

We’ll look at artwork, writings, videos and ask ourselves questions.

People who have studied this material with Grahn report feeling safer in U.S. culture; more understanding of their neighbors and co-workers; more compassionate toward those in their care, and better able to solve conflicts in their personal relationships.

This course will be taught by Commonality Institute staff as well as special guest Judy Grahn.

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